Launchpad FAQ

Total Royalty Percentage

NFT royalties are automatic payouts to the creators of an NFT made on secondary sales. Total royalty percentage is the percentage of these secondary sales that will be payed to the creators of the NFT as a whole. For instance, if an NFT is sold for 100 SOL and the total royalty percentage is 4.2%, then the royalty payout will be 4.2 SOL. This payout can then be distributed amongst the creators by specifying the Creator Share.

Creator Share

A creator share is a percentage of the total royalty that a given creator will receive on each secondary sale. For instance, if the royalty payout for a secondary sale is 4.2 SOL and a given creator's share is 10%, they will receive 0.42 SOL. The shares of all the creators (maximum 4) should add up to 100%.