4,444 pixel musician NFTs looking for a band on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT has a unique combinable sound submitted by a community member. Musicians earn 50% royalties.


Algorithmically Generated pixel NFT musicians looking for their band!

Supply: 4,444

Mint Price: 0.50 SOL

There are 4 types of Pixelband characters: guitarists, drummers, piano players, and bassists. Each Pixelband member is comprised of a pixel art image and a sound generated by a musician selected by the Pixelband community. Combining 4 separate band members with unique instruments creates a "Band."

ABout Pixelbands

Pixel art Meets Music on Solana. Mint Band Members, Create the Ultimate Band, and Support community musicians.

Pixelbands is a first of it's kind Solana NFT project that combines algorithmically generated pixel art and combinable music. Users can mint or collect a unique Pixelband band member NFT of a guitarist, drummer, pianist, or bassist. Each NFT includes a unique sound playable on phantom wallet or our "studio" which has been submitted by a community member. When that NFT is sold on secondary the community artist earns 50% of royalties.

The sounds are created and mastered in a way so that each band member NFT can be paired with up to 3 other band members with different instruments to create a unique "song." Users who collect 4 band members with different instruments now have a complete "band" and can mint that band into an NFT. Users who collect a full band can then sell that NFT on secondary and earn 10% of the royalties along with the other 4 musicians.

How it Works

Pixelband Band Members: 4 Unique ART x MUSIC NFTS

Mint or collect a unique Pixelband band member NFT of a guitarist, drummer, pianist, or bassist. Each NFT includes a unique sound made by a community member that is part of a larger song. Community artists earn 50% of royalties.


Pixelbands NFTs

Generative NFT with visual traits and 1 of 4 audio traits (drum, keys, bass, guitar)

50% of royalties on secondary sales go to the musician whose sound is on the NFT

Pixelband holders receive entry into raffles for Music festival VIP tickets, Music software subscriptions, and more!

Secondary Sales Royalties (Single NFT)

pixelbandsroyalty copy

Pixelbands Studio: Be an NFT Music Producer

Become a producer by collecting 4 Pixelband band member NFTs (1 of each instrument) and mint your own band. Listen to your band on the Pixelbands studio. Producers earn 10% royalties on secondary sales.


Full Pixelbands

Collect 1 of each pixel band instrument (4 total)

Combine the sounds of each of the 4 NFTs to create a band.. This allows the user to mint a band NFT with the layered sounds

Royalties from secondary sales are split between the “producer” (the user who mints a band) and the 4 musicians who’s music is associated with the 4 individual NFTs.

Producers who mint a band receive a special NFT to show off as your twitter banner.

Secondary Sales Royalties (Full BanD NFT)

band distro


Each "sound" or piece of music that is attached to a Pixelband NFT is submitted by a community musician from the Pixelbands community. Community musicians will earn 50% of all royalties from secondary sales of NFTs that include their music.


Step 1

Musicians interested in contributing music to the PixelBands mint should join the PixelBands discord and verify as a musician to receive a musician role in our server.


Step 2

Musicians submit a bio + samples of their music and identify which instrument(s) they want to contribute music to the project with. The Pixelbands project team will create opportunities for musicians to share their work through twitter and discord spaces.


Step 3

The PixelBands community votes on the artists that will provide the music for the PixelBand NFT mint. Chosen artists will then submit their music stems to be included in the Mint.







Visual Art





Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 12.20.53 PM



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