Dope music meets the Solana blockchain

A new way to create, share, and discover music


Our Prompts


What if we could use the blockchain to create a new way of distributing music?


What if we could create a system where artists could be paid directly by their fans?


What if we could create a new music ecosystem that was transparent, fair, and decentralized?

Meet the Team

The brain and the brawn

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Music Monke

Music & Project Strategist

Web2 refugee, bedroom musician.

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Visual Artist

Crypto investor. NFT collector.

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Engineer & Music Developer

Multi-platinum mix and mastering engineer. Former staff at Criteria Studios, founding member of BanditoDAO, and former MonkeDAO Board Member.

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Artist Relations & Community Manager

DJ, Producer, Engineer, musician, crypto Degenerate.

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Boi King Koi

Marketing Manager

Music Producer, DJ, Podcaster, recording studio owner & operator. Basically, my life is music.

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Crypto, NFT & Tech enthusiast. 4+ years in the Crypto space. Passionate about building tomorrow's reality.

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Full Stack Developer

All things crypto since 2021, StackOverflow expert since long before. Happy to be building a decentralized, open source web.

Generation 01

Collection Name

The LoFi Collection

Collection Size



Collection Description

PixelBands Generation 1 is a collection of 4444 instrumental NFTs in the LoFi genre (75 bpm, Key of cmaj). The collection is made up of guitar, drum, bass, and keys stems from 80 musicians from the PixelBands Community.

Generation 02

Collection Name

The EDM Collection

Collection Size



Collection Description

PixelBands Generation 2 is the first expansion of PixelBands NFTs that explores a new genre. It is a collection of 5555 NFTs in the EDM genre (128 bpm, Key of Fminor). The collection is made up of drums, bass, leads (synth melody, vocal melody) and FX stems. The collection is made up of over 700 unique stems created by more than 100 talented musicians from our community.